Shen Shaomin

I Sleep on Top of Myself and I Want to Know What Infinity Is are works (by Shen Shaomin) that reveal the artist’s outlook through hyperrealistic sculptures that illustrate the potential and metaphorical consequences of a world which is over-developed and despoiled.

I Sleep on Top of Myself is a series of hairless, motorized, lifelike sculptures of animals which portend a future where the earth is severely depleted of natural resources-so much so that animals begin to loose their fur. Trapped in deep sleep, these breathing creatures-a cat, a dog, a bunny, and two geese-are forced to sleep on the remnants of their fur and feathers in order to survive. As a metaphor, this quietly troubling piece asks if we humans will be forced to survive on the remnants of our past once we have exhausted all of our natural resources.

Through a similar methodology, I Want to Know What Infinity Is questions the urge to relentlessly develop and expand our economies at all costs. Similar to the way we strive for development, the old, naked, breathing hyperrealistic sculpture of a woman relentlessly strives for a perfect tan. In Shen Shaomin’s eyes, the consequences of our constant need for development will change the face of our planet, just as the undying urge for beauty transformed this old woman’s body.


Image and information on artist found at first accessed on 2/5/2013.


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