David Lynch


“You’re walking along and you look over and see some incredible violet and deep purple going to black. The light is hitting it in a certain way. It’s very, very beautiful. And then you  step a little closer. And it’s a dead woman with her stomach ripped open. Now that beautiful thing has turned to absolute horror. It’s a whole ‘nother ball game. But it still drew you in at first and you saw a beauty there. So as soon as something is named…as soon as a cetain thing is known about a certain shape or a colour or whatever…it changes it.”

This quote identifies language as potentially restrictive and through the process of mentally defining and catagorising subjects we can restrict or filter our perceptions. Preconceived ideas of the world may lead us to abject rather than consider potentially beautiful elements within challenging or unconventional material. 

“For some people, the world we see and live in is enough. But once you start wondering about it, it’s just like pulling on a string with no end.”

Quotes found at: The Stool Pidgeon Number 34 September 2011 Junko Partners Publishing London.


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