Aldous Huxley: The Devils of Loudon (comments on perception and self-transcendence)

When the phenomoenal ego transcends itself, the essential Self is free to realise, in terms of a finite consciousness, the fact of its own eternity, together with the correlative fact that every particular in the world of experience partakes of the timeless and the infinite…In this state of union objects are no longer perceived as related to an insulated ego, but are known “as they are in themselves” – in other words, as they are in relation to, in ultiate identity with, the divine Ground of all being. (pp80-83)

Physical austerities may be made the instruments of horizontal or even upward self-transcendence. When the body goes hungry, there is often a period of unusual mental lucidity. A lack of sleep tends to lower the threshold between the conscious and the subconscious…Practiced by men of prayer, these self-punishments may actually facilitate the process of upward self-transcendence…more frequently, however, they give access…to the more personal levels of the subcoscious and conscious mind. (p91)


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