Kurt Hentschläger: ZEE

Kurt Hentschläger is an artist known for immersive installations that have been likened to “entering Heaven” or “a walk-in hallucination”. Hentschläger has spent a lifetime creating artworks that push the viewer into a state of sensory overload. ZEE is no exception. As one visitor put it: “It is really hard to say something smart about something so sensual”. Variously described as “insane”, “like entering Heaven” and “another planet”, ZEE is an installation of fog, light and sound that will transform Gallery 1 at FACT into an out of body experience. An installation “like death” that has audiences struggling to believe the evidence of their senses, this manifestation of Hentschläger’s distinct and mind-altering artwork is a UK first.

Due to the sometimes disorienting nature of ZEE, suspended ropes are on hand to guide first timers through the installation. Visitors are nevertheless free to roam the exhibition space if they wish.

“…this is the world as viewed by a dying robot clone from the inside of a Turner landscape painting



One Response to “Kurt Hentschläger: ZEE”

  1. Stumbled across this in Liverpool,I do like art that bombardes the senses. Though I think I lasted 2 minutes before I found myself having a Panic attack! Wish I held out for longer. Fantastic work.

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