Voluntary traumatic experience

DMT affects the mind and body in potentially useful ways through creating a controlled and supported traumatic experience. Trauma derives from a Greek word meaning “wound.” My dictionary defines trauma as “a severe emotional shock having a deep, often lasting effect upon the personality.”

Traumatic experiences usually are out of our control. For example, we do not choose our abusive childhoods, exposure to natural or man-made disasters, or real threats to our life. Once we have experienced such events, the minds natural tedency is to wall off the feelings of fear, helplessness, and anxiety that threatened to overwhelm us at the time.

Nevertheless, unprocessed trauma seeps out into our lives. We may find ourselves in situations that produce ghosts or shadows of those trauma-based feelings over and over again…If we are to move past the consequences of trauma, it is necessary to confront them head on. Usually this requires a voluntary reexperiencing of the feelings caused by the trauma in a safe and supportive environment…I am certain that many of our volunteers were at some level attracted to the DMT project because it promised an overwhelming but structured voluntary trumatic experience. By experiencing absolute loss of control in a safe and supportive situation, it might be possible to more fully contact, and thereby let go of, certain powerful emotions.

Strassman. R (2001) DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Vermont. Park Street Press


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