DMT Sessions

Nearly everyone remarked on the “vibrations” brought on by DMT, the sense of powerful energy pulsing through them at a very rapid and high frequency. Typical comments were: “I was worried that the vibration would blow my head up,” “The colours and vibration were so intense I thought I would pop,” “I didn’t think I would stay in my skin.”

This tidal wave of DMT effects quickly led to losing awareness of the body, causing some volunteers to think they had died. This dissociation of the body and mind paralleled the development of peak visual effects. We typically heard phrases like: “I no longer had a body,” “My body dissolved – I was pure awareness.” There seemed to be a clearly identifiable sense of movement of consciousness away from the body, such as “falling,” “lifting up,” “flying,” a feeling of weightlessness, or rapid movement. ” (Strassman 2001: 146)

“DMT does a lot to our consciousness, but not everything. If we can limit the number of type of experiences DMT produces, we can start focusing on a manageable number of hypothesis to help understand them…Another reason to catagorise these experiences is to support the hypothesis that outside-administered DMT elicits altered states of consciousness similar to those that people report during spontaneous psychedelic experiences: near death and mystical states…

Three major groupings capture nearly all the various experiences within these reports. While most people’s actual drug sessions partook of at least two of these types, one particular catagory usually predominated. These three catagories are personal, invisible, and transpersonal experiences.

Personal DMT experiences were limited to the volunteer’s own mental and physical processes. DMT helped open avenues to his or her personal psychology and relationship to the body…Once volunteers began approaching the furthest boundaries of this catagory, near-death and spiritual themes began to emerge. The personal then became transpersonal.

The hallmark of the invisible catagory is an encounter with seemingly solid and freestanding realities coexisting with this one. When these planes of existence were inhabited, contact by our research subjects with these “beings” made for the most disturbing and unexpected type of DMT session…

The most sought-after and highly prized sessions were the transpersonal ones. These involved near-death and spiritual-mystical experiences.” (Strassman 2001: pp154-155)


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