Ryan Mosely sculptures at the Saatchi Gallery

Adriana 2007 (Salt dough, pins, ribbon, dolls eyes, polystyrene, colouring, paint, synthetic hair)

                                     Lost For Words 2007

Baldock’s busts are inspired by the rigid imperial poses of classical Greek and Roman sculptures. Baldock uses this stylised and commanding format as a foundation on which to layer a myriad of cross-cultural and gendered references. Looking at different cultures from all over the world he explores a contemporary kind of ‘primitivism’, his figures are adorned with all manner of exotica – florets and bijoux, armour plates and masks – and speak of tribal rituals and tortures all the while proclaiming distinct Englishness. The overall effect is one of fiercely unnerving nobility: a quasi Jane Austen meets Wicker Man. Each sculpture could easily be mistaken for fine porcelain or ceramic but are in fact made from a play-dough mixture of flour salt and water. In Lost For Words the figure is crowned with actual hair extensions and the eyes are glass replicas taken from a life-sized doll. Baldock often combines ‘real’ elements with his floury base to give his characters a sense of uncanny veritas. Drawing from the fanciful frights of Victorian gothic romance novels, it’s as if a fair maiden is mummified or bewitched, muzzled and frozen for all eternity.


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