Body Soup

Self injury and self mutilation are also common within shamanic performances and primitive initiation rites; whilst in a trance like state Siberian shamans cut themselves and Tibetan shamans can allegedly reveal their entrails after cutting their abdomen open. In Body Soup, I simulate self mutilation as an exploration of body modification and identity in the age of technology. Body Soup explores fears surrounding mutation, pollution of technology, a hybrid existence and fragmentation of the self. The theme of the double is also used to stir ‘uncanny’ fears of a superstitious nature and also generates fears of replacement. The ‘uncanny’ impression can unsettle and disturb and the violence inherent within the work therefore seems appropriate. Moreover, the ‘uncanny’ causes the unconscious, primitive mind to encroach upon rational, civilised thought processes. Body Soup also explores the idea that our primitive and instinctive impulses have been repressed by civilisation.


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