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The £2,000 Angelina Jolie doll that’s ‘so lifelike it’s creepy’

AngelinaAngelina Jolie
Spot the difference: The life-like doll, left, and it’s real-life counterpart.
Starting with an ordinary doll, artist Noel Cruz removed the factory paint and repainted the figurine using acrylics after he was inspired by the ‘enigmatic beauty’ of Brad Pitt’s partner.
Painstakingly painted, she has perfect make-up and has even been treated to a manicure and pedicure.
But what is even more extraordinary is the £2,000 a private bidder has paid for this Angelina Jolie doll on auction site eBay.
Cruz, who specialises in painting dolls to look like celebrities, admitted there was another thing missing – Miss Jolie’s tattoos.
These can be painted at an extra cost of between £10 and £20, depending on the complexity of the design.
Not everyone seemed delighted with the doll.One comment on an online forum said: ‘The Angie doll is pretty realistic and creepy. I think the doll’s arms are still fatter than Angie’s real arms. Unfortunately, Noel forgot to attach a halo over her head.’

Provocative pose: The dresses cost extra

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